Current regulation: Walleye fishing on the lake proper of Lake Superior is open all year with a bag limit of 5 but only one fish over 20 inches. Our sample included a 21.4-inch, memorable-size fish that ranked third longest among 11,269 largemouth basses measured in 224 surveys on Rusk County lakes and streams since 1970. Access information: Numerous access points and public parking areas are available for trout anglers, especially throughout the Richard Hemp Fishery Area and along stream crossings from public roads. Anglers from Kenosha to Sheboygan reported high catches of lake trout, accounting for 87 percent of the total lake trout harvest for Wisconsin in Lake Michigan for 2021. Access information: There is a boat launch located on the southeast end of the lake and good shore fishing access at the adjacent Iron County Park. A high-size-quality population with many fish over 40 inches is present in this naturally reproducing, unstocked fishery. We caught 120 northern pikes, they ranged from 12.3 inches to 36.0 inches with an average of 16.8 inches. and slow-growing, which means they require a little more protection than most fisheries to prevent overharvest. Adult density was near the average value for Walleye populations in northern Wisconsin that are sustained primarily by stocking. Current regulation: The lake is managed with a 15-inch minimum length limit, no harvest from 20-24 inches, and only one walleye from an anglers 3 daily bag limit may be over 24 inches. Reducing the minimum length limit from 40 to 28 inches could provide harvest opportunities to a minority of anglers who voiced their preference to catch and eat a musky once in a while. Of interest: When you fish for musky on Sawyer Countys Lac Courte Oreilles, you are fishing on hallowed water. Species population information: The lake has historically supported an excellent walleye fishery and survey results indicate that trend should continue. Access information: There is a public boat landing and shore fishing available at Wyona Park, managed by Columbia County. Species population information: Anglers recorded the second-highest lake whitefish harvest ever measured out of Wisconsin waters of Lake Superior in 2022, and lake whitefish was the second-most harvested species (following Lake Trout). Average weights of age-3 female Chinook have been relatively large during recent years (2016-2022), following small and variable weights from 2004-2015 (10.7 pounds in 2007 and 11.9 in 2012). The spring peak occurred during the first week of May, which was slightly later than typical, mainly due to the prolonged winter conditions. West of Bark Point (WI-1): bag limit of 3; East of Bark Point (WI-2): bag limit of 2. Species population information: A total of 1,592 walleye were captured during a spring 2022 fyke netting survey on Lake DuBay. Both trophy catch and harvest opportunities are present. Flathead catfish's average length was 25.4 inches with an average weight of 8.01 pounds. Our team continues to tag thousands of lake trout each year during assessments. Because of this, most of Whitewater Lake is quite shallow with a mean depth of only 8.3 feet. STEELHEADSpecies population information: From fall 2021 through spring 2022, 5,940 wild steelheads were counted passing the sea lamprey barrier/fishway. Harvest estimates for brown trout in Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan was 9,178 fish, with 31 percent being harvested in Green Bay waters. The daily bag limit is 5. The number of Chinook stocked by the DNR increased from 810,000 in 2019 to 1.2 million annually from 2020-2022. The mean length of fish was 12 inches and 25 percent of fish captured during the survey were larger than 14 inches. Current regulation: 40-inch minimum length, the daily bag limit of 1. Species population information: Laxey Creek in Iowa County contains a brook trout-dominated population throughout the upper 8.1 miles, which is listed as class 1 trout water. Higher harvest by sport anglers was likely related to an increase in angler effort. Current regulation: No minimum length limit, 25 fish daily bag limit. The Milwaukee River near Caesar's Park, just south of North Avenue is a prime spot for its abundance of steelhead fish. never caught a big perch like this before. Pumpkinseeds were sampled at a decent 26/mile and varied between 4 and 8 inches. Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions | Orvis Orvis Fly Fishing Reports Our professional reports are updated weekly with stream and river flows, tides, recommended flies and equipment, and special fishing tips for the most important fly-fishing destinations in North America. Anglers should look forward to a high-quality perch fishery in 2023. The yellow perch (age-1 and older) abundance was estimated at around 1.3 million fish in 2021. Current regulation: The trout regulation is a daily bag limit of 2, with a minimum length of 12 inches. Access information: There are several boat ramps on Tainter Lake including Elk Point Resort and Northwest Landing off of CTH D on the northwest side of the lake, Lambs Creek Park on CTH G and Kleist Landing off of 540th Street. Access information: There is an excellent boat landing located along the north shore of Big Sand Lake on Boat Landing Lane, not far off Hwy 17. Most Walleyes were between 13 to 18 inches. The county operates the Hwy B launch on the north end of the lake. Current regulation: There is no size limit for panfish and up to 25 individuals can be kept. Of interest: A variety of angling regulations are in place in the Coon Creek Watershed. Species population information: This northern pike fishery has a moderate abundance with a good-size structure. The largest channel catfish was 31.2 inches and 10.75 lbs. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 101 S. Webster Street PO Box 7921 Madison, WI 53707-7921 The size structure of muskellunge captured in 2022 was the best on record in Lake DuBay, with 91 percent of stock-sized fish being 30 inches, 39 percent being 38 inches and 19 percent being 42 inches. Current regulation: No length limit. Species population information: A 2021 survey of the stream found over 800 adult brook trout 7 inches per mile, including over 80 brook trout 10 inches per mile. Access information: A county-owned and operated park and boat ramp is located on the northwest side of the lake off of 205th Street. Of interest: Spooner Lake suffers from periodic winterkills. Species population information: A 2022 spring electrofishing survey was completed for bluegill and largemouth bass to evaluate a special panfish regulation. In 2016, the DNR enacted an experimental regulation on Bohemian Valley Creek (daily bag limit of 10 with no minimum length limit) to evaluate whether anglers could reduce densities and improve the growth rates of trout. Current regulation: Daily bag of 3, minimum length limit of 18 inches. No lake trout may be targeted or possessed within the boundaries of the Mid-Lake Reef Complex. The daily bag limit is 25 fish in total, with no minimum length limit on any panfish species. However, new survey results should get anglers excited about revisiting the lake or getting to know The Chip for the first time. Fishing dock. Access information: The DNR maintains a primitive landing that can accommodate medium-size fishing boats at the end of Snuss Boulevard near Mason Lakes outlet on the south shore. The shallow nature of Big Muskego Lake and abundant aquatic plants attract anglers that prefer canoeing or kayaking in a wild and secluded setting hosted by abundant waterfowl. It is stocked with rainbow trout in the spring and brook trout in the fall. It has a maximum depth of 6 feet. The population age structure at that time was predominantly young fish, suggesting the fishery would likely improve with time. In addition, the lake association installed 12 fish cribs in 2017. Open year-round no length limit, three trout per day, one bass or northern pike per day, and 10 panfish (bluegill, sunfish, crappie, perch, bullhead) per day. Access information: The Woods Creek Fishery Area is an 80-acre parcel located off of Hwy 101 on Town Hall Road that gives excellent in-stream and shoreline access to over a 2,500 ft section of stream. We think the Milwaukee River often gets slightly overshadowed by mighty Lake Michigan, but not so when it comes to Steelhead fishing. Brook Trout's size varied between 2 and 10 inches. Current regulation: 8-inch minimum length limit, 3 fish daily bag limit. Of interest: The East Fork of the Iron River in Bayfield County supports naturally reproducing brown and brook trout populations in class I trout water. Species population information: Novice musky anglers being introduced to the sport and seasoned musky anglers needing a break from their trophy pursuits should enjoy fast-fishing action in these remote and scenic lakes within the Flambeau River State Forest. If you harvest a steelhead that is missing its adipose fin, please visit to learn more about the program and find DNR or cooperating business drop-off locations for steelhead snouts. The Onion River downstream from CTH E is managed with the yellow regulation: 8-inch minimum length limit, 3 fish bag limit, and no gear restriction. Species population information: A 2021 survey on the Onion turned up 1,185 brown trout per mile, which ranks in the 75th percentile for similar streams statewide. Recent spring and fall electrofishing surveys have shown excellent size structure, average abundance, and trophy potential for walleye. Bluegill dominate the panfish fishery, however, black crappie, green sunfish, pumpkinseed, and yellow perch are also present. This report follows the virtual meeting on 29 April 2021 between the Panel and the team of Veszprm, one of the European Capitals of Culture (ECoC) in 20231. The daily bag limit is 5. Stream segment length: Token Creek upstream Portage Road Crossing 4.3 miles. Sixty-one percent of the pike captured were over 21 inches. Public Boat Landings can be found at, Dray Carl, Fisheries Biologist, Bayfield. As with many wild stocks, environmental factors such as river and lake water temperature and river flow can significantly influence the numbers of fish and the timing of river migration; this can challenge anglers of all skill levels. Abundance was fairly high too, meaning pike anglers on Smith can expect to catch fish and they have a chance at some nice quality fish. The Largemouth Bass's average length was 10.5 inches and the smallmouth bass's average length was 8.9 inches. Current regulation: Walleye are managed with a 15-inch minimum length limit, with a protected slot limit of 20-24 inches, and only 1 fish over 24 inches is allowed. Species population information: Yellow perch- The 2022 trawl recorded the second-highest catch of adult yellow perch since the beginning of the survey in 1986. As the ice thickens into deeper areas of the Apostle Islands, anglers enjoy great Lake Trout ice fishing, or deep-water bobbing, in the mid-late winter months. There is also an ADA-accessible fishing pier at the north end landing. Catch rates may be low but those who are patient stand a good chance at catching trophy northern pike upwards of 40+ inches. Our catch rates of 43 basses 8 inches per hour or 21 per mile suggest that population abundance has moderated somewhat since 2012 when late spring electrofishing captured 48 bass per hour and 33 per mile. Only two potential YOY flathead catfish were sampled. The daily bag limit is 5. Access information: The DNR holds several miles of streambank fishing easement along Plum Creek. Access information: Allequash Lake has a nice boat landing located at the end of Allequash Lake Road, just off Hwy M. Of interest: Allequash Lake is a peaceful place to spend a day fishing. Species population information: Survey work in 2022 turned up good numbers of bluegill and crappie between 8 and 10 inches. Before switching to large fingerlings for better survival, the DNR stocked 26,150 walleyes 1.6 inches on average from 2003 to 2013. Paddling, boating, swimming, fishing, hunting and winter sports opportunities are all available. Relative abundance of 8 inches and larger was 21 fish per mile, which is greater than what we observed in 2015 (4 per mile). Bluegill densities were moderate with most in the 5 to the 7-inch range but some exceeding 8 inches and ranging up to 9.6 inches. Current regulation: 14 minimum length limit with a 5 fish daily bag limit. Current regulation: 5 per day, 14-inch minimum length limit. The two recent substantial year classes will likely result in a fair amount of walleye catch smaller in size, though there should be plenty of opportunity for more harvest favorable fish. The mean length of harvested black crappie was 9.4 inches with fish 9 inches comprising 79 percent and fish 10 inches comprising 15 percent of harvested fish. Of interest: Governor Dodge is the third largest state park in Wisconsin. Young-of-year and adult largemouth bass were caught in the Harrington Beach Quarry and the Mequon Rotary Ponds. This increase is, in part, driven by the recruitment of the strong 2021 walleye year class. Species caught included largemouth bass (young-of-year and adult), yellow perch, pumpkinseed, bluegill, yellow and black bullhead, and golden shiners. Read Fishing Reports Weather for Milwaukee River. There is no minimum length limit for largemouth bass, but largemouth bass from 14 inches to 18 inches may not be kept, and only 1 fish over 18 inches is allowed. Overall, 2022 surveys indicate black crappie of quality size is common throughout this productive system. A dam at Kletszch Park stops most fish, but in some years many steelhead jump the dam and run all the way to the next dam in Grafton, some 20 miles upriver. They took me around and introduced me to some new spots and taught . Milwaukee River at Caesar's Park, Milwaukee - 2.2 mi., 7 min. The catch rate from the Whitewater Creek survey was 276 fish per mile which ranks it around the 60th percentile when compared with all other Class II brown trout waters statewide. Fish ranged from 4 to 19 inches. Attendance The panel members: Sylvia Amann, Cristina Farinha and Agnieszka Wlazel, nominated by the European Parliament 2018-2020 Paulina Florjanowicz, Dessislava Gavrilova (Chair) and Pierre Sauvageot, nominated . No minimum length limit. Access Information: There are numerous boat landings and shoreline access points around Big Green Lake. 3 lb. Limits of Lake Trout are also common. MARCH 29, 2021: GREEN BAY FISHING REPORT FOX RIVER & METRO BOAT LAUNCH. Anglers can call the number on the tag or drop the tag off at four kiosks located at the boat launches if they choose to keep the fish. Lake size: Tichigan Lake proper is 279 acres, and there is also a direct connection to the Waterford impoundment section of the IL Fox River. Smallmouth ranged from 8-20 inches with 20 percent of the catch over 17 inches. Wisconsin Creek has access off Wisconsin Creek Road and Daumitz Road, north of State Hwy 70. Species population information: Average Length 33 inches. The shoreline between the beach and boat launch offers shore fishing opportunities including fishing piers. The lake was re-stocked with northern pike, largemouth bass and bluegill between 2010 and 2012. Current regulation: Five walleye 15 inches, but <20 inches may be kept, except one fish may be over 28 inches. Additionally, there is a boat launch where trout anglers can access the Amherst Millpond portion of the Tomorrow River. Ben Heussner, Fisheries Biologist, Eagle. An accurate length measurement at the time of capture will be essential in analyzing growth rates over time. Current regulation: The regulation for catfish is no minimum length limit with a 10-fish daily bag limit and a 25-fish total daily bag limit. Twelve YOY channel catfish were sampled in 6.4 miles for a catch rate of 1.88 per mile. - Laura Schmidt, Fisheries biologist, Milwaukee. Species population information: In the summer of 2022, a catfish survey was conducted with hoop nets on the Chippewa Falls Flowage, which is located directly downstream of Lake Wissota. Currently, the fishery is largely comprised of Chambers Creek and Ganaraska steelhead, as the Skamania strain was discontinued in Wisconsin after 2008 due to fish health concerns but was reinstated on a limited scale in 2018-2019. Wyona Park is located on County Road G, just east of the village of Wyocena. Access information: To view access points and locations of easements and lands go to Brown Trout numbers were high in 2022 and ranged from 695 to more than 2,000 catchable fish per mile! River segment length: 1.5 miles of Class III brook trout waters. Brown trout make fall migratory runs into the Menominee, Peshtigo and Oconto rivers. Load up the small jon boat or slap the canoe or kayak on the roof and find your piece of serenity in Vilas County. Current Regulation: No minimum length limit and five-fish daily bag limit. Nearly 30 percent of bass 8 inches were legal-size fish at least 14 inches. This placed Lake Wyona well above the 75th percentile for northern pike abundance among similar lakes across Wisconsin (small impoundments). Access information: The public boat launch is located on the north end of the lake off Hwy K. Of interest: Rocky substrate, deep drop-offs and woody structure provide excellent habitat for walleye on Pine Lake. Passive integrated transponder (PIT) tagging efforts began in 2014 to gather additional information on muskellunge stocking success, potential natural reproduction, age and growth information, and general movements (e.g., downstream movements). Come early spring, the Milwaukee River hosts overlapping runs of brown trout and steelhead . Catch rate varied from 686-1,820 fish per mile and percent of fish over 9 inches varied from 25-50 percent. Black crappie was sampled at a solid 27 per mile and varied between 6 and 14 inches. Angler reports were supported by DNR electrofishing surveys in the watershed, where brown trout numbers were very high on Timber Coulee and Bohemian Valley Creek. Lake trout fishing in Wisconsin waters of Lake Superior should remain some of the best in the world, predominately sustained by natural reproduction in the Apostle Islands. Overall, 20 muskellunge were captured ranging from 29.4 to 50.5 inches with an average length of 38.3 inches. Species population information: 2022 fall electrofishing surveys showed a healthy bluegill fishery. Only catch-and-release bass fishing is allowed during the rest of the year. Today, the stock that returns to the river is self-sustained (i.e., wild), meaning no hatchery fish are added to the system, a rarity for many of todays trout fisheries. The model was updated and run during the spring of 2022. Only one percent of muskies in Mason and Evergreen lakes grew to 38 inches or longer, and only one 44-inch musky attained legal size. These two streams averaged more than 1,900 catchable brown trout per mile and more than 80, 12-inch and longer brown trout per mile. Justin Haglund, Fisheries Biologist, Dodgeville. Stream surveys during the summer of 2020 produced a mean relative abundance of 886 brook trout per mile (above the Driftless Area median of 220 brook trout per mile). Current regulation: 14-inch minimum length limit, the daily bag limit of 5. Current regulation: No minimum length limit, the daily bag limit of 5. You are trying to access a feature that requires a Fishidy account. Smaller fish are plentiful. This was last week Nov 14th 2022. Species population information: During the 2022 spring netting survey of Lake Redstone, 159 unique muskies were sampled. Of interest: The waters of Pool 9 are part of the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish Refuge. There are three family campgrounds, a horseriders camp, two group camps and remote backpack shelters on the Ice Age Trail. Fresh Milwaukee Fishing Reports Fishing Seasons & Latest Fishing Photos and Videos April The Milwaukee Harbor area holds the best Brown Trout around. Access information: There are 11 public boat landings throughout the Chetek Chain. There is no minimum length limit for largemouth bass, but largemouth bass from 14 to 18 inches may not be kept, and only 1 fish over 18 inches is allowed. Upper River: Upstream from U.S. Highway 2; Season: Open May 6 to Sept. 30. Unless fall electrofishing captures more than 25 fingerlings per mile to indicate satisfactory natural recruitment, walleye stocking will continue while the broad-scale evaluations of bass-walleye interactions and the Wisconsin Walleye Stocking Initiative are completed. Stream surveys during the summer of 2019 showed the highest abundance of trout was found just west of Cross Plains while the lower reaches had lower numbers but larger-sized fish were more common. Access information: There is a public access boat launch off Waterfront Dr in the village of Lake Nebagamon. Fish captured ranged from 20.1-49.3 inches with an average length of 36.8 inches, which is above the 95th percentile for similar complex riverine systems in Wisconsin. 3 lb. Species population information: A 2019 spring fyke-netting survey was completed for the northern pike. Species population information: Spring 2022 survey results found a smallmouth bass fishery with a phenomenal size structure providing ample opportunity at catching a trophy (> 20 inches). Current regulation: Open all year. Remington Pond - City of Antigo -5 acres. Current regulation: The minimum length limit is 18 inches with a daily bag limit of 1. Non-motorized boats only. Anglers are encouraged to report tags and catch information by email:, phone: 920-787-5683, or mail: Wautoma DNR office (427 East Tower Drive, Suite 100, Wautoma WI 54982). A strong year class of small individuals < 15 inches will enter the fishery in the next year or two providing continued success. These results suggest that Meder currently provides an opportunity for decent numbers of quality fish. Access information: There are several access points on the North Branch Embarrass including segments of the Embarrass River Fishery Area off Old HWY D and River Road (Bowler, WI), the Bowler Ranger Station, Shawano County property and numerous road/bridge crossings. Northern pike has no minimum length limit, but northern pike from 25 to 35 inches may not be kept. Durant Rd to River Rd (Waupaca Co) - 1 daily bag limit with 18 inches minimum length limit, artificial lures only. The most recent comprehensive survey, completed in 2018, indicated an adult density of 1.2 fish/acre with an average length of 34.5 inches. Of interest: Extended growth walleye (large fingerlings) have been stocked into Rock Lake every other year since 2015. Electrofishing surveys resulted in a total of 154 bluegills and 21 black crappies for catch rates of 102.7 and 14.0 number per mile of bluegill and black crappie respectively. There is shore fishing access available at Redstone County Park on the south end of the lake. A walleye population estimate was conducted in the spring of 2022, and it was calculated that there were 4.3 adult walleye per acre. Go south on Cambridge to park. Species population information: Fall 2022 shocking surveys in the lower Menominee River resulted in lower numbers of fish in October but more browns showed up into November when flows increased and the water temperature dropped. wilmington blue rocks front office,

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